Enlightened Organizations

enabling organizations to realise their potential

Specialists in Leadership and Governance

What we do

Enlightened Organizations facilitates alignment on purpose, values, transformation and direction; enabling leaders, boards, teams and their organizations to deliver.

Our team of highly experienced business psychologists, organizational development facilitators and executive coaches specialise in helping:

  • Organizations to become more purposeful, agile and aligned
  • Leaders, boards and teams to:
    • Better understand the impact of their actions and reactions
    • Be more effective within their organizational system and broader operating context
    • Develop the skills and mindset required to develop resilience and adaptability in order to deliver sustainable value to their diverse stakeholders

We specialise in co-creating entirely bespoke leadership development solutions that are delivered digitally as well as face to face, always within the client’s business context and more often than not globally.

"Helped us come together as a team. The work has enabled us to take step back, look at how we work together, the behaviours, relationships, surfacing tensions. The foundations have been built."
Clare Allen
Head of Coaching, KPMG

Areas of Speciality

  • Leadership development
  • Organisational development
  • Governance and board effectiveness
  • Purpose and values
  • Change and transition
  • Facilitation including train-the-trainer
  • Process consultancy
  • Executive coaching
  • Presence and impactful conversations
  • Resilience
  • Women’s leadership and mentoring

Industries we work with

  • Automotive and aerospace
  • Banking and Finance
  • Engineering
  • Digital marketing
  • Legal and Professional Services Firms
  • Research and development
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil and gas
  • Manufacturing
  • FMCG including luxury brands

Sample Projects

Supporting Executive Board Members and Senior Leaders to lead their firms and their people.  Enabled increased resilience, agility and responsiveness.

Facilating board away days to align on purpose and values; designing strategic transition programmes for all leaders and leading a gobal facilitation team to roll these out in fifteen countries and in the local languages-Created the desired leadership and behavioural changes throughout the global organisation.

Co-designing and co-facilitating  transformational blended learning programmes for 100 top talent each including C-Suite senior executives as mentors-Impact endorsed by the ICEDR Conference on Transformation, London .

Providing appropriate challenge as well as support, to enable agility and equip the leaders with the ability to respond to the significant challenges taking place in their business context- Created positive changes in mind-set, levels of accountability and stakeholder collaboration. 

Enabling the leaders to be purpose driven and agile-Provided greater responsiveness and adaptability to their changing competitive landscape.

Supported and challenged the Board on leadership, strategy development and execution- Enabled good governance

Co-creation and an example of a programme created by Catherine

Co-created design: an art as well as a science

One of the great joys of collaborating closely with a client on design is the act of sitting down, rolling sleeves up and planning how to transform their vision into a tangible reality.