Enlightened Organizations

enabling organizations to realise their potential

"Conversations are not about the work... they are the work"
David Whyte

How we work

At Enlightened Organizations we live our core values in the way that we work with clients.

  • We listen hard to understand your context and gain insight
  • We engage compassionately yet rigorously with the systemic issues that present
  • We partner with you to develop the skills, mindset and accountability required to serve purpose and deliver value to your customers and clients

Hence our values of INSIGHT, RIGOUR and PURPOSE.

Our commitment is to enable organizations and their people to realise their potential


Applying a spirit of inquiry and curiosity.

Recognizing that ‘we see things not as they are, but as we are.’

Continuously testing hypotheses with data.


Developing the skills, mindset and accountability required to facilitate leadership with role.

Questioning what every activity is in service of.

Seeing and containing the bigger calling.


Thoroughness and care, with compassion for human nature & its resistance to development.

Seeking out the green shoots and what wants to change.

Working systematically and in context to enable growth.

"makes a significant difference to organisations by ensuring that development is integrated with the external environment, the organisational system and the role of leaders"
Ita Dureke
Director of Global People and Leadership Development at LEO Pharma A/S