Standing Tall: Are you Tomorrow’s Leader?

The Revolution

The digital revolution has changed the landscape for leadership for ever. No more job descriptions, because they will be redundant as soon as they are written. No more administrative jobs, as these will be done by robots. No more hierarchy, because the touchpoint with the customer is key.

In a world where knowledge is accessible by anyone, anywhere and at any time, success will not come from content or product alone but from delivery. Ultimately that’s about people. Leadership that mobilises people and empowers them to deliver excellence has become the key differentiator for any successful business.

Skills or Mind-set?

The skills that are increasingly required for tomorrow’s leader are: – understanding the business context and working to purpose; collaboration and communication across internal and external stakeholders; influence, visibility and self-awareness. 

The reality is that these skills can be developed. What matters more when considering potential leaders now is mind-set. Has this person got the curiosity, confidence, openness, agility, resilience, discernment, and global perspective required to be able to evolve into and develop with the role?  Can they stand tall in the face of a continually changing role?

How to Acquire?

There are many ways in which to acquire the right mind-set.  I explored many of these options with HR leaders at the HRD Summit in Birmingham. For example, seeking out challenges in life that stretch you; changing job roles; working in different sectors; travelling; taking part in continuous learning and development; coaching and being coached; acquiring a mentor and anything else that expands your understanding and experience and in turn your ability to add value across the whole business.