Resilience and Organisational Development

What’s your Now?

A former colleague of mine Bruce Irvine used to start every leadership workshop with the question ‘What’s your Now?’ This was to ensure that everyone was truly present before starting the important leadership work that lay ahead. So let me ask you the same question: What’s your ‘Now’?

Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Energy

Another way into this topic is to ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is low and 10 high) where are you right now in terms of your (a) Spiritual (purpose) (b) Mental (c) Emotional and (d) Physical energy?


Then, how can you recalibrate to bring your low scores up? For example, do you need more sleep or aerobic exercise to top up your physical energy? Do you need to reconnect to your sense of purpose in life by finding a role that is more aligned and fulfilling for your unique gifts as a leader? Or, do you need to spend more time with your loved ones and appreciate the value of your close relationships?

Implications for Organisational Effectiveness

The challenge that increasingly faces organisations today is how best to unleash the resources that they already have: their people. To unleash the capability and passion at each touch point in the business. So that everyone, at any level, can become a leader in their role, responding in an agile, unique and effective way to their stakeholder/customer.

People cannot respond in this way unless they themselves are fired up and ready to go. That means that organisations need to take responsibility for helping their people to learn to pay attention to their ‘Now’, to appreciate the strategic value of managing and maintaining their energy; and by supporting them in being able to do so.

The How?

At Enlightened Organizations, we specialise in working with our clients on resilience and their ‘Now’. We work with leaders on their (a) Purpose and meaning, their Why?; (b) Mental strength including, for example, helping them with their decision making and approach to leadership challenges; (c) Emotional landscape and relationships, including, for example, key stakeholder effectiveness and courageous conversations; and of course (d) their physical wellbeing.

Our programmes are uniquely designed to cater for all four domains and provide the optimum level of experiential learning. We also pride ourselves on responding to the needs of the moment. For example, at a recent client conference where I was delivering a session on the topic of resilience, I had 100 participants dancing in the first 5 minutes. This really helped to enliven them after listening to their colleagues’ PowerPoint slides for the 2 hours before! I could see that their ‘Now’ required some movement in response.

If you want to know more about our strategic work on resilience, please reach out to us.