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In Troubled Times, People like to Talk

These are difficult times for people at home and at work. Anxiety levels are raised and levels of wellbeing and resilience are being truly tested.

When people are anxious, they like to talk. They find reassurance when they can connect with others and makes sense of their isolated experience. So, they try to find ways in which they can share and support each other. If they can do this effectively, they will manage to reduce their anxiety as well as fulfilling an overarching need to feel part of a broader community at work and a sense that they belong.

Many organizations are providing great tips on how to WFH and how to build resilience and wellbeing during this very difficult time. But what we find is that clients, even with all of that ‘knowhow’, still want to talk. No matter what the medium is, be it Zoom, Skype, TEAMS or the telephone. It is beholden therefore on organizations to provide ways for their people to feel supported and able to share.

We see our leaders playing a significant role in trying to remain close, albeit isolated, with their teams in an attempt to stay in touch with their concerns. But what we are finding is that the key differentiator that enables people to really open up at this time, is having a neutral qualified person to facilitate the dialogue.  

As organizational psychologists we are working closely with client organizations to provide that differentiator. We are providing safe spaces for:

·       Colleagues to talk about some of the challenges they are facing in their roles, explore ways to address and enable them to support and learn from one another, and

·       Confidential 1:1 sessions when there is something that individuals would like to discuss more privately

Regular short sessions are working very effectively at this time and can be set up at short notice and in an agile way with whatever platform suits your needs.  There has never been a more critical time to be able to provide a safe space for your staff to talk.

To inquire about how we could set up a suitable forum for you, contact us at

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